Water leaks, even minor ones, can significantly impact your water bill over time. Homeowners in Sioux Falls should be aware of the potential costs associated with leaks and know what steps to take to address them. This article explores why water leaks can cause your water bill to skyrocket, how to detect and fix leaks, and why you should choose “Speedy Plumber Sioux Falls” for all your plumbing needs.

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How Leaks Can Increase Your Water Bill

1. Continuous Water Flow

One of the primary reasons leaks can increase your water bill is continuous water flow. Even a small, undetected leak can waste a considerable amount of water over time. For instance, a faucet that drips once per second can waste over 3,000 gallons of water per year. This continuous flow of water adds up, leading to higher water bills.

2. Hidden Leaks

Hidden leaks, such as those in walls, under floors, or underground, can be particularly problematic. These leaks can go unnoticed for long periods, causing extensive water loss. Hidden leaks are often more challenging to detect and repair, leading to prolonged water waste and higher bills.

3. Running Toilets

A running toilet is one of the most common causes of increased water bills. If the toilet’s flapper valve is faulty, water can continuously flow from the tank to the bowl. This can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day, significantly increasing your water bill.

4. Leaking Pipes

Pipes can develop leaks due to corrosion, wear and tear, or physical damage. Leaking pipes can cause a steady flow of water to escape, which not only increases your water bill but can also lead to water damage in your home.

5. Water Heater Leaks

A leaking water heater can be a significant source of water waste. If the tank or pipes connected to the water heater have leaks, it can lead to continuous water loss. Additionally, a leaking water heater may work harder to maintain the desired temperature, increasing your energy bills as well.

6. Irrigation System Leaks

Outdoor irrigation systems can also be a source of leaks. Broken sprinkler heads, damaged pipes, or faulty valves can lead to water loss. Since irrigation systems are typically used regularly, these leaks can waste large amounts of water and increase your water bill.

What to Do About Leaks

Addressing leaks promptly is essential to prevent high water bills and potential water damage. Here are steps you can take to detect and fix leaks:

1. Monitor Your Water Bill

One of the first signs of a leak is an unexplained increase in your water bill. Compare your water bills over several months. If you notice a sudden spike without a corresponding increase in water usage, you may have a leak.

2. Check for Visible Leaks

Inspect your home for visible leaks. Look for dripping faucets, running toilets, and any signs of water damage, such as stains on walls or ceilings, damp spots on floors, or mold growth.

3. Test Your Toilet

To check for a running toilet, add a few drops of food coloring to the toilet tank. Wait 10-15 minutes without flushing, and then check the toilet bowl. If the color appears in the bowl, you have a leak.

4. Examine Your Water Meter

Turn off all water-using appliances and fixtures in your home. Check your water meter and note the reading. Wait for one to two hours without using any water, and then check the meter again. If the reading has changed, you likely have a leak.

5. Inspect Your Irrigation System

Regularly check your outdoor irrigation system for leaks. Look for pooling water, soggy areas in your lawn, or broken sprinkler heads. Ensure that all valves and pipes are in good condition.

6. Hire a Professional Plumber

If you suspect a leak but cannot locate it, or if you find a leak that requires repair, it’s best to hire a professional plumber. Experienced plumbers have the tools and expertise to detect and fix leaks efficiently.

Why Choose Speedy Plumber Sioux Falls?

When it comes to leak detection and repair, choosing the right plumbing company is crucial. Speedy Plumber Sioux Falls is one of the most reliable and trusted plumbing companies in the area. Here’s why you should choose us for your plumbing needs:

Years of Experience

At Speedy Plumber Sioux Falls, we have years of experience in the plumbing industry. Our team of skilled professionals has handled countless leak detection and repair projects, ensuring that we have the knowledge and expertise to complete the job efficiently and correctly. Our experience means that we can quickly diagnose any issues and provide the best solutions for your home.

Transparent Cost

We believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. At Speedy Plumber Sioux Falls, we provide clear and upfront cost estimates for all our services. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges. We want our customers to feel confident and informed about the cost of their leak repairs.

Highest Quality Parts and Materials

We use only the highest quality parts and materials for all our plumbing jobs, including leak repairs. Using top-notch materials ensures that your repairs will be durable and long-lasting. We work with trusted manufacturers to provide the best products for our customers.

Free Estimate

Speedy Plumber Sioux Falls offers free estimates for all leak detection and repair projects. Our team will assess your situation, discuss your needs, and provide a detailed estimate at no cost to you. This allows you to make an informed decision without any financial commitment.

Comprehensive Plumbing Services

In addition to leak detection and repair, we handle all types of plumbing jobs. Whether you need a simple repair, a complex installation, or regular maintenance, Speedy Plumber Sioux Falls has you covered. Our comprehensive services ensure that all your plumbing needs are met by one reliable company.

Warranty Service and Insured

We stand behind the quality of our work. Speedy Plumber Sioux Falls offers warranty service on all leak repairs, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected. Additionally, we are fully insured, ensuring that you are covered in case of any unexpected issues.

Mobile Service

We understand that plumbing problems can arise at any time and often require immediate attention. Speedy Plumber Sioux Falls offers mobile service, meaning our team can come to you quickly, no matter where you are in Sioux Falls. Our prompt and efficient service ensures that your leak repairs are completed as soon as possible, minimizing any inconvenience to you.


Water leaks can significantly increase your water bill and lead to costly water damage if left unaddressed. Understanding the reasons why leaks can cause your water bill to spike and knowing how to detect and fix leaks can help you avoid unnecessary expenses. When it comes to leak detection and repair in Sioux Falls, Speedy Plumber Sioux Falls is the best choice due to our years of experience, transparent cost, use of high-quality parts and materials, free estimates, comprehensive plumbing services, warranty service, insurance, and mobile service. Contact Speedy Plumber Sioux Falls today for a free estimate and experience the difference that our professional and reliable service can make.


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